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Hello, my name is…

For some time now, I have chosen to identify my clients by using only their initials. This was done primarily to preserve client anonymity. And while it’s worked ok so far, I’m thinking of switching things up as we move forward.

Here are a few reasons why.

1. As I sign on to work with more and more clients/couples/families, I’m starting to run into the problem of people having the same initials. I even have two couples that share the same first and last name initials! Needless to say, it’s made book-keeping, record-keeping and file-naming slightly more complicated.

2. I think calling people “I” or “C” or “J” when really, they should be “Isabella” or “Cindy” or “Jane” downplays the relationships I have with my clients. Thus far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting, photographing and getting to know every single one of my clients! My friends and family will tell you that I often come home from photo shoots recounting with excitement, the things that happened that session. I think it’s so much more powerful if I could say in my blog “Chloe made Coral laugh by tickling her” instead of “big C made little C laugh by…”

3.  The biggest reason why I still excitedly look forward to each photo shoot is because each experience is so special + unique and each client, so different! The job is also extra meaningful because I’m usually asked to photograph such joyous and rare occasions. An Engagement. A Wedding. A Pregnancy. A New Baby. Milestones. Birthday Parties. Anniversaries, etc. Events most people want to announce to the world anyway so why not help them do it! Well, maybe they prefer to share with just to their friends…but indulge me a little… 🙂

4. And most importantly, the decision to use letters stemmed more from my own personal convictions, than requests from clients. None of them (at least, none yet) ever asked me not to use their first names. So from here on, I hope it’s alright for me start using your first names, clients! Though if you are a potential client that rather me not, let me know! I’ll be happy to oblige too.

And I figured I’ll start with myself. Hello, my name is Julia. I’m the J in JHui Photography. Pleasure to meet you.

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